Recent Abstracts

A full list of Dr. Flowers’ publications is available on her google scholar account. Laboratory trainees and personnel include a * to denote lab-specific contributions.

*Gurgel-Juarez, N., Haddad, A. E., Torres-Pereira, C., Sheehy, L., Mallet, K., Wiseman, M., Finestone, H., *Hour, K., Flowers, H. L. (2021).

Effectiveness of Teledentistry: a Systematic Review Protocol. Journal of Dental Research, 100 (Spec Iss A), abstract 0959.

Flowers, H., Poublanc, J., Mikulis, D., Silver, F., AlHarbi, M., Crawley, A., Rochon, E., *Hour, K., & Martino, R. (2019).

Acute Stroke Neuroanatomical Correlates for Swallowing and Communication Impairments: A voxel-based lesion symptom mapping (VLSM) study. International Journal of Stroke, 14(3S), 7.

*Gurgel-Juarez, N., *Perrier, M-F., Hoffmann, T., Jolliffe, L., Lannin, N., *Lee, R., Brosseau, L., Flowers, H.(2019).

Guideline Recommendations for Oral Care after Stroke: A systematic review protocol. International Journal of Stroke, 14(3S), 27.

Mallet, K., *Gurgel-Juarez, N., Martineau, I., Laneville, A., Blacquière, D., Flowers, H. (2019).

Oral Care in Acute Stroke Patients: A retrospective analysis of assessment and provision of oral care. International Journal of Stroke, 14(3S), 12.