Kannika Hour, BSc (Neuroscience)

Kannika completed her Bachelor’s Honours thesis in Déconeuro Laboratory and worked as a research technician and physiotherapy assistant subsequently. She decided to undertake a Master of Health Science through the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences beginning in September 2020.

She is investigating cognitive and communication disorders after acute stroke with  a particular emphasis on brain lesion locations and corresponding impairments. She is supervised jointly by Drs. Heather Flowers and Jason Steffener in the Faculty of Health Sciences. She is also very well supported by her committee members, Drs. Michel Shamy (neurologist) and Lisa Walker (neuropsychologist), both from The Ottawa Hospital.

Kannika has contributed to multiple laboratory research projects and served as co-author on multiple publications. She has received training in various neuroimaging software applications, such as SPM12, FSL, and MRIcron, and has been a great asset to a range of research initiatives.