Recent Articles

A full list of Dr. Flowers’ articles is available on her google scholar account. Laboratory trainees and personnel are denoted with a * where they contributed as co-authors.

Flowers, H., Bérubé, D., Ebrahimipour, M., *Perrier, M-F., Moloci, S., & Skoretz, S.A. (2019).

Swallowing behaviours and feeding environment in relation to communication development from early infancy to six years of age: A scoping review protocol. British Medical Journal Open.

Sherman, V., Flowers, H., Kapral., M., Nicholson, G., Silver, F., & Martino, R. (2018).

Screening for Dysphagia in Adult Patients with Stroke: Assessing the Accuracy of Informal Detection. Dysphagia, 33 (5), 662-669.

Flowers, H., AlHarbi, M., Mikulis, D., Silver, F., Rochon, E., Streiner, D., & Martino, R. (2017).

MRI-based Neuroanatomical Predictors of Dysphagia, Dysarthria, and Aphasia in Patients with a First Acute Ischemic Stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases EXTRA, 7, 21-34.

Flowers, H., Skoretz, S.A., Silver, F., Rochon, E., Fang, J., Flamand-Roze, C., & Martino, R. (2016).

Poststroke Aphasia Frequency, Recovery, and Outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 97, 2188-2201.

Shaw, S., Flowers, H., O’Sullivan, B., Hope, A., Liu, L.W.C., & Martino, R. (2015).

The Effect of Prophylactic Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Tube Placement on Swallowing and Swallow-Related Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy (with or without Chemotherapy) for Head and Neck Cancer. Dysphagia, 30, 152-175.

Flowers, H., Flamand-Roze, C., Denier, C., Roze, E., Silver, F.L., Rochon, E., Skoretz, S.A., Baumwol, K., Burton, L., Harris, G., Langdon, C., Shaw, S., & Martino, R. (2015).

English Adaptation, International Harmonization, and Normative Validation of the Language Screening Test (LAST). Aphasiology, 29, 214-236.