Canadian Stroke Congress

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Poster Presentation on Oral Health Guidelines

Nalia Gurgel-Juarez (PhD candidate) presented a poster on a new protocol for a systematic review at the 2019 Canadian Stroke Congress. The systematic review will involve identifying and appraising existing guidelines for care of persons with acquired brain injury. A secondary objective is to appraise recommendations for oral care and health within the guidelines. Project collaborators include a diverse group of interprofessional researchers internationally.

MITACS Globlink Award

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International Doctoral Research Experience

Marie-France Perrier (PhD student) was funded by a MITACS Globalink award in the summer of 2019 to undertake an international research experience in the USA. She spent three months at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducting research under the supervision of Drs. Sarah Short and Cathi Propper. The project involved considering the contributions of early brain development and the caregiving environment on cognitive functions in early childhood.